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Guess the anime by its bad summary

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A jock and a nerd hold hands and punch out david bowie
A girl accidently scatters a collection of living tarot cards and has to get them back
A peasant is adopted by a britsh gentleman and kicks the dog for a 100 years
A girl runs over a small child and then shoots him
A nerd tries to make a boy joins his anime club and joins the boy's sports club instead
A powerless child meets the love child and of superman and captain america
Two girls channel demonic powers to futher their acting careers
Trashy people make trash anime
oh that is why recap episodes happen
boy dies in an accident and is drafted to fight demon lords
What does this have to do with snow white?
a nun contracts a demon, they fight crime
Social media is great, but it is also killing you
boy inherits great power from his grandmother and is doing his hardest to get rid of it, His grandmother was kind of a jerk
A doctor that looks like Frankstein's monster works with a girl who actually is Frankstein's monster
A harem anime turns into an action anime
A girl joins the newest card game base deathgame
Young girls communicate their feelings with their fists because they know no other way
the best way to break the ice is with lasers!
Son of a war lord has most of his body parts sold to demons and throw in a river. He doesn't let that stop him

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