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What is Harry's address? (house # & street name)
What area does he live in?
How many presents does Dudley get?
What day was it when the Dursley's left their house to 'get far far away'
Who knocked down the door to get Harry?
According to the movie, how many bricks do you tap to open Diagon Alley?
What is the road that forks off of Diagon Alley?
What does Hagrid get out of Gringott's?
What does Harry fly around to get for Neville?
What year did Harry's father, James, get a Quidditch trophy?
What floor did Harry, Ron and Hermione go to and find something special?
What did they find?
What was the name of what they found?
What got out of the dungeon?
Who 'found' it?
Who did they think let him in?
Who does Gryffindor play in the first Quidditch Match?
How was the Golden Snitch caught?
What did Harry get for Christmas?
Where did they go to find a book with the cloak?
Who were they looking for a book on?
What did harry find as he was hiding after leaving the Library?
What did Harry, Ron and Hermione see in Hagrid's Hut?
What was Hagrid's new pet's name?
Who caught them there?
What was the penalty of getting caught? (what did they have to do and where did they have to look?)
What did Harry see when he looked?
What did Ron have when he looked?
One the way to the Trapdoor who tried to stop them?
What spell did Hermione cast so they could get away?
What came first when getting the stone?
After going through the trapdoor what do they land on?
Who gets stuck?
Who gets him out?
What was in the Chamber that came next?
What is the following Chamber?
Who had to sacrifice himself?
What piece knocked did they choose to be?
What piece knocks him unconcious?
in the next chamber what did Hermione find and what was in it?
who continues on?
Who does he see?
Who was he using as a cover?
What was Harry forced to look at?
What does he see in his pocket?
Who wins the struggle in the Chamber?
Who does Harry see when he wakes up?
Who was supposed to win the House cup?
Who won last minute?
How many points did they win by?

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