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QUIZ: Can you name the characters of Three Day Road?

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Who am iAnswerExtra info
I am an elderly oji-cree medicine woman
Niska's Nephew
I'm the first soldier addicted to Morphine
I am overwhelmed by spirits and kill myself
I have 33 confirmed kills
I am the oldest
I am an Indian Soldier with over 100 kills
Who says 'Quit firing at your own, you bastards'
Im known as bastard ______
I am a windigo killer
I was raised in a residential school
Who am iAnswerExtra info
I am also known as 'Whiskeyjack'
I am killed by my friend
another work for Cannibal
i was raised in the bush by my aunt
i was shot through the neck
Shot in the head helping Xavier during the raid
i died in the hospital
i was killed by a flame thrower
we were bashe in the head by Elijah
I had my legs blown off

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