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The Numbers Of Bullseye (answer with numerals)
How many times does Micheal Caine say: 'bullseye?' 
How many times does Sir John call Hicklar by his full first name? 
What's the area code? 
For how many years was the 'stupid old man' in the Israeli Commandos? 
How many ounces was the steak that Sidney ordered? 
How many years ago did the man go to London? 
How many people are loitering around the motorcycle Sidney and Gerald steal?  
What is the square root of the number stars are on the car that Gerald exits when he's first introduced? 
What is the code for the safe in Mr Hobbes' bank, as one number? 
How many people can be seen on screen when Flo says: 'daddy?' 
How old is Flo? 
The Duos Of Bullseye (answer without titles or last names)
Sidney and... 
The Duos Of Bullseye (answer without titles)
Flo and... 
Daniel and... 
Elmer and... 
John Cleese and... 
Daryl and... 
Deaths Head and... 
From the word, write the quote (without the hint word)
The Interconnections Of Bullseye
What derogatory term does Sidney use to label both Gerald and John with in his voice-over narration? 
What country are both the thieves and the scientists obsessed with? 
The Impersonations of Bullseye
What profession does Sidney pretend to have after having a run-in with John's dogs? 
Fill in the blanks, separated by a comma: Gerald pretends to be a piano _____ and John pretends to be a _____ reviewer. 
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