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Number of piano keys on a full keyboard
Number of beats a Quarter Note gets
Number of beats a Half Note gets
Number of beats a Dotted Half Note gets
Number of beats a Whole Note gets
Number of beats a Eighth Note gets
Number of beats a Dotted Quarter Note gets
A Slur is Italian for playing how
To hold two notes for the total count of both is what
To hold a note longer than its original value is what
What tells the key of the music
What tells the time of the music
What instrument is this quiz on
Musical alphabet is from A to what
To raise a note a half step is a what
To lower a note a half step is a what
To cancel a sharp or flat is a what
What symbol is at the end of the song
To gradually get louder
To gradually get softer
To gradually slow down
Waltz is in what time signature
Color of piano keys
What interval skips one key
What interval steps up to the next key
What object is used to keep a steady beat
What term means to go back to the beginning and end at fine
What Italian word means to play short and detached
To emphasize a note is to what
Measures are divided by what

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