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River flowing to the old elven port of Edhellond.Water (Two valid answers)
Thrain II's son's refuge to the far west. Landmark/Mountains
Keep of the Hammerhand.Landmark
The stronghold of the last king of Arthedain.Landmark
Home of Ghan-Buri-Ghan.Flora
The first king of Rohan's field of victory.Area
Great hold of the Khazad, formerly ruled by Thror.Landmark
The rebuilt city of Dain II's greatest ally in the third age.Landmark
The old land of Fangorn's spouse.Area
Great monolith east of the Hithaeglir visited often by the children of Manwe.Landmark
Home near Mirkwood of one of the same order as Curumo.Landmark
Kingdom of Greenleaf's father.Realm/Flora
The last king of Gondor's last known location. (T.A.)Landmark
The area in which Henneth Annûn is located.Area
There where 'The Deathless' awoke.Landmark/Mountains
Home of Iarwain Ben-Adar.Flora
The workplace of Annatar and Curufinwe's son.Area
Fortress of the lord of the Nazgul in the North.Landmark
Lair of the alleged descendant of Melkor's old ally.Landmark
Great fortress built by Isildur's brother.Landmark
Ancient fortress overlooking the vale which shares its name with Melkor's old fortress Utumno.Landmark
The northern border of Calenardhon.Water
Home of Belladonna Took's son.Landmark/Realm
Home of the keeper of an elven ring before Incanus received it. Landmark
The realm of Melkor's first lieutenant.Realm
The great body of water Elrond's father once crossed westwards.Water
Residence of the brother of the first king of Númenor. (T.A.)Landmark
City of kings, on the shores of Nenuial.Landmark
There where Thorongil destroyed the enemy fleet.Landmark
Land of the slayer of the boar of Everholt.Realm
Village of men, where the great east road and the greenway meet.Landmark
The great stream on which Ecthelion II's grandson was laid to rest.Water
City of prince Imrahil.Landmark
Battlefield upon which the last battle of the Second Age was fought.Area
Bay in which the last king of Arthedain was lost.Area/Water
River running through the area near Mount Gram.Water
Fortress of Olorin's superior within his order.Landmark
An elven refuge ruled by Finrod Felagund's sister.Landmark/Realm

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