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The second...
President of the United States
Most populous city in the world
Actor to play James Bond (official series)
Largest planet
Longest serving pope
Person to hit a triple century in cricket
Most dense city
Most watched prime time telecast (U.S.)
Highest mountain
Youngest Best Actor (Academy Award) winner
Permanent co-host for Regis Philbin's morning show
Smallest country by area
Oldest subway system (city)
Nobel Prize winners in Physics
Largest number of Grand Slam titles in men's tennis
The second...
Element on the Periodic Table
Longest river in the world
Episode of 'Full House' (title)
Letter in the Greek alphabet
Winner of the World Cup (Football/Soccer)
Most common American girls' name, 1950
Last Beatles album
Most popular car colour (2006)
Largest country by area
Winner of X Factor (UK)
Largest ocean by area
Spanish monarch
Last Alfred Hitchcock-directed movie
Richest person (2009)
Person on the moon

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