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where the particle oscillations are at right angles to the propagation of the wave
where the particle oscillations are in line with the propagation of the wave
A transverse wave in which the particle oscillations occur only in one of the directions at right angles to the direction of propogation.
The minimum distance between two points on the phase oscillating in phase.
The number of cycles of a wave that pass through a given point in one second
The distance that the wave profile moves per unit time
The spreading out of waves when they meet obstacles such as the edges of a slit. Some of the wave's energy travels into the geometrical shadow of the obstacle
If waves from two sources occupy the same region then the total displacement of at any one point is the vector sum of of their individual displacements at that point
Waves arriving at a point with the same frequency and are at the same point in their cycles at the same time
The difference in position of two points within a cycle of oscillations it is measured as a fraction of the cycle where one whole cycle is 360 degrees
Waves or wave sources which have a constant phase difference between them are.
A pattern of of disturbances in a medium in which energy is not propagated. The amplitude of particle oscillations is zero at equally spaced nodes rising to maxima at antinodes mid

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