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Incomplete LyricMissing Word(s)Song
'The acting's so exciting, except for ____'Commentary!
'I make seven-layer ____ of the gods.' Better Than Neil
'For a minute there it sounded like you were...' 'It's a ____!'Better Than Neil
'Dr. Horrible - hey, that sounds kinda dark and cool - Sing-Along blog, what the **** is this? ____?Zack's Rap
'Oh sure I have the power to make paste from a powder, but last time I did that, no one ____.'Nobody Wants to Be Moist
'Two ropes is the key to keep from wheeling far two far. Nathan holds the record - ____ yards.'Ninja Ropes
'A caveman painted on a cave. It was a ____, was a fave.'Pick It Apart
'No I can't ____. That was painful.'Neil's Turn
Incomplete LyricMissing Word(s)Song
'Maurissa scoffed at my suggestion. Hammer needs a few more sweaters. I still think ____ vests sounds much better.'Steve's Song
'An internet musical is a wacky idea that's zany! Where did it come from?' 'It came from ____.'Strike!
'My path is so steep but my god, ____ is cheap.'$10 Solo
'Not to mention my whole ____ storyline, where he gets caught selling blow at a local rest stop and serves time.'Zack's Rap
'Though it is with a ______ I deduce in which way blows the breeze.'Nobody Wants to Be Moist
'It's all about me, it's all about me, it doesn't matter where I'm listed on ____.'It's All About Me
'Seeing it through makes each of you a _____.'Commentary! The Finale

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