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Transcription is the synthesis of ___ from ___.
Carries a genetic message from DNA to protein-synthesizing machinery of the cell
Translation is the synthesis of a ___________ from ____.
The sites of translation are ________.
In eukaryotes transcription takes place in the _______ and translation takes place in the _________.
The central dogma states ___ goes to ___ which goes to ______.
A set of 3 nucleotides is referred to as a _____.
Each codon specifies which of these to make.
Sets of nucleotides in correct groupings.
Essential enzyme which pries apart DNA strands to begin transcription.
Site where RNA initiates transcription
The sequence which signals the end of transcription (in prokaryotes)
The 3 stages of transcription in order are:
These control whether RNA polymerase can bind to DNA
Crucial promoter DNA sequence; '____ box'
Polyadenylation signal (AAUAAA) acts terminator in these cells
mRNA receives these to help export them from the nucleus, protect it from degradation, and help ribosomes attach to the 5' end
Noncoding segements of nucelic acid between coding regions
Other regions eventually expressed
Cuts out introns and joins together exons
___________ allows the number of different proteins an organism produces to be much greater than the number of its genes
Transfers amino acids from cytoplasmic pool to ribosome
tRNA adds amino acids to its poly peptide chain with the help of an _________ on one end
Aminoacyl tRNA is also called a
Strings of ribosomes
Provides mechanism to decode mRNA and interacts with tRNA

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