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Forced Order
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'You're so beautiful, like a tree or a high-class prostitute.'
'Yeah, I know he's a dog, Bret. I'm not totally in the dark ages. I do go out every once in a while. But, Snoopy's lovable! Leave him alone.'
'I'm not cryin'. It's just been raining... on my face.'
'You should hang it on your wall so you can see how big and powerful you are, like Ra - the sun god Ra. You're like a pharaoh.'
(About his vest top) 'My mum gave me that; thought it made me look like Bruce Willis.'
'It is not a scam! Why would someone want to scam me Jemaine!? And on the internet service, one of the trusted... things of today's society!'
'Sad because we don't have any electricity, but satisfied because I was right about the cup.'
'I love weaving. I'm weaving at the moment, making a pair of trousers.'
(About New Zealand) 'There's vikings there right?'
'Jemaine, you look like an ogre that works in the library. '

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