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Can you remember which Pokemon game each of these locations come from?

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Trick House
Route 110
Agate Village
Lilycove City
Beach Zone
Tin Tower
Dewford Town
Verdanturf Town
Phenac City
White Forest
Lumiose City
Ruins of Alph
Whirl Islands
Snowpoint City
Meteor Falls
Route 37
Fall City
Mimic Mansion
Route 230
Abandoned Ship
Slowpoke Well
Silent Forest
Mauville City
Black City
Mount Moon
Pewter City
Makuhita Dojo
Nuvema town
Sootopolis City
Arcane Area
Pokemon village
N's Castle
Pallet Town
Sprout Tower
Burned Tower
Valley Windworks
Aspertia City
Mason Laboratory
Fight area
Pinwheel Forest
Canalave City
Diglett's Cave
Vaniville Town
New Bark Town
Sandgem town
Lost Hotel
Azure Bay
Goldenrod City
Driftveil City
Route 7

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