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'None of us can choose our destiny, Merlin.'
'Do I know you?'
'Some people are just born to be Queen.'
'Pity. Together we could've ruled the world.'
'What if magic chooses you?'
'He has merely consumed a sleeping draft.'
'That is the lament of all men.'
'You just try.'
'In the wrong hands, this sword would do great evil.'
'I'm not the one abandoning these people, Merlin. You are.'
'Clotpole. He said Clotpole.'
'First night you were here, I thought a pig had gotten into the house.'
'I really wish there was something I could say.'
'Live for me.'
'She is a troll!'
'The facts point to one person and one person alone.'
'You will show me some respect!'
'I've never known anyone like you either.'
'Lady Vivian is of Royal blood!'
'Then she'll die with me!'
'You can take your secret to your grave.'
'Why should I feel any differently about him?'
'I can see deep into your heart and it's cold.'
'You'd do well Merlin, to stay out of things that do not concern you.'
'Brother and sister- reunited. It warms the heart.'
'Then please me.'
'Then you understand why I have to fight.'
'I wouldn't miss it for the world.'
'I think you're mad. I think you're all mad.'
'Use what you see for good.'
'He is your destiny and he is your doom.'
'Not only do I know who Emrys is. I know exactly where he is.'
'You never know when I might need to kill someone.'
'Don't think I don't understand loyalty just because I've got no one left to be loyal to.'
'I didn't have any doubts.'
'Love is stronger than anything.'
'One day, you will understand, just how much they've done for you.'
'I felt his pain.'
'I'd rather drown in my own blood than see that day.'
'All this time at Arthur's side. How you've managed to deceive him.'
'It stalks him like a ghost.'
'You choose to marry a serving girl.'
'I keep getting you into trouble.'
'They cut us down like corn.'
'It's not the Mithian I know.'
'All that stands in our way is a serving girl who plays at being queen.'
'Set her by the pool.'
'Great Emrys.'
'You cheated.'
'I blame myself for what you've become.'

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