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Forced Order
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Episode where Andy and April first kiss
Andy rescues April from him during the diabetes telethon
Finish this sentence: 'I guess I kind of hate most things, but ___'
The name of the song Andy writes for April on her birthday
The kind of ring Andy proposes with
April gives these to Andy to make Ann jealous in 'Hunting Trip'
Andy and April trade these in 'Summer Catalog'
April dances with him at her birthday party after getting jealous of Ann and Andy
Episode where Andy and April get married
Before Andy, April dates him
April gives this to Andy as a gift in 'Christmas Scandal'
A rich widow with a terrible secret
Adolph's only daughter
Song April asks Andy to play in 'Galentine's Day'
Andy's response to April saying 'I love you' for the first time
The number of teddy bears April wants Andy to win her
April wants to smoosh him
April and Andy's dog
What April and Andy eat their turkey chili off of
After taking Tammy I's advice, Andy compliments April on this attribute
The natural wonder April and Andy visit
April's favorite thing to do besides making out with Andy
April gives Andy this as a good luck charm before his police test
Finish this sentence: 'I'm pregnant...'
April and Andy buy this with the money Ben gives them
Andy sends a picture of himself wearing this when she's in Washington D.C. with Ben

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