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Can you name the Doctor Shows on TV?

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Can you guess the doctor tv shows based
'It's Guy Love Between Two Guys'
[Hears Country Song in the Background] 'I hate that song'
'I am not a grown-up Doctor'
'I don't like chatty. I don't do chatty. I like quiet. Quiet and mean. Those are my people.'
'You're an unmarried woman, trying to raise three children, in a shack, in the middle of nowhere... and offering your medical services to a bunch of back-woodsman, who pay you in p
'The line that divides the porn industry and the plastic surgery is a thin one. We're both selling fantasy, aren't we?'
'Idiopathic, from the Latin meaning we're idiots cause we can't figure out what's causing it.'
'How much of this can a man take? We must have seen this picture twelve times in the last month. Its a recurring nightmare with popcorn. '
'Dr. Penis Head assisted, but Geiger did it'
There's so much about life that I don't understand. Maybe I do retreat into medicine where I can feel superior.

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