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Can you name the 100 greatest films of all time according to TIME Magazine?

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1972Werner Herzog
1955 1956 1959Satyajit Ray
1937Leo McCarey
1933Alfred E. Green
1964Jean-Luc Godard
1975Stanley Kubrick
1980Rainer Werner Fassbinder
1982Ridley Scott
1967Arthur Penn
1985Terry Gilliam
1935James Whale
1936George Cukor
1942Michael Curtiz
1963Stanley Donen
1945Marcel Carne
1974Roman Polanski
1994Wong Kar Wai
1941Orson Welles
1931Charles Chaplin
2002Fernando Meirelles
1966Jiri Menzel
1936Jean Renoir
1928King Vidor
1973Francois Truffaut
1989Krzysztof Kieslowski
1945Edgar G. Ulmer
1972Luis Bunuel
1936William Wyler
1944Billy Wilder
1964Stanley Kubrick
1994Chia-Liang Liu
1982Steven Spielberg
1963Federico Fellini
1959Francois Truffaut
1993Kaige Chen
2003Andrew Stanton
1986David Cronenberg
1972 1974Francis Ford Coppola
1966Sergio Leone
1990Martin Scorsese
1964Richard Lester
1940Howard Hawks
1952Akira Kurosawa
1950Nicholas Ray
1956Don Siegel
1934Norman Z. McLeod
1946Frank Capra
2001Mohsen Makmalbaf
1949Robert Hamer
1933Merian C. Cooper
1941Preston Sturgess
1928Josef von Sternberg
1962David Lean
1992Jean-Claude Lauzon
2001 2002 2003Peter Jackson
1929Dziga Vertov
1962John Frankenheimer
1944Vincente Minelli
1927Fritz Lang
1990Joel and Ethan Coen
1980Alain Resnais
1967Robert Bresson
1987Mani Ratnam
1939Ernst Lubitsch
1946Alfred Hitchcock
1938Leni Riefenstahl
1954Elia Kazan
1968Sergio Leone
1947Jacques Tourneur
1966Ingmar Bergman
1940Hamilton Luske
1960Alfred Hitchcock
1994Quentin Tarantino
1985Woody Allen
1957Guru Dutt
1980Martin Scorsese
1993Steven Spielberg
1956John Ford
1924Buster Keaton
1940Ernst Lubitsch
1952Stanley Donen
1986Jon Amiel
1955Ingmar Bergman
1959Billy Wilder
1977George Lucas
1951Elia Kazan
1927F.W. Murnau
1957Alexander Mackendrick
1936George Stevens
2002Pedro Almodovar
1976Martin Scorsese
1953Yasujiro Ozu
1971King Hu
1953Kenji Mizoguchi
1995Theo Angelopoulos
1952Vittorio De Sica
1992Clint Eastwood
1949Raoul Walsh
1987Wim Wenders
1961Akira Kurosawa

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