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multidimensional set of social processes that create, multiply, stretch, & intensify worldwide social exchanges & interdependencies
form of payment where workers are compensated based on set amount not tied to quality of raw materials, etc
when enough anomolies accrue to challenge the existing paradigm
dangers that are caused by the natural world and are unrelated to the actions of humans
the part of planned obsolescence that refers to “desirability”; an object may continue to be functional, but it is no longer seen as stylish or appropriate
trade that allows traders to act and or transact without interference from government
loans with extremely high interest and target people with low income
economic system characterized by the presence of lord, vassals, serfs, and fiefs
power of actors to operate independently of the determining constraints of the social structure
type of social movement that targets specific groups but advocates for more radical social change
form of payment that is completely separate from the product or service itself
form of payment where male workers are paid sufficient to support a dependent wife and children
rising atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases as well as higher global average temperatures
organization that forms when workers formally unite with the common aim of collective bargaining
people who work, but are not earning enough to lift them out of poverty
group of workers in multiple industries united by the fact that creativity is central to their productive work
Marxist term for the group of people who are available to work; the unemployed
society that is concerned with mitigating risks, especially manufactured ones
form of payment where workers are compensated for the sum total of their services
this stage of a social movement occurs when the social problem being addressed is first identified
theory that says collective action arises because of the tendency for people to conform to the behavior of others
stratification in information technology within countries
model of social movements that focuses on the structure of political opportunities
The poverty guideline of $10,830 is set for ____ person(s).
notion that certain scientific results get more notoriety and influence based on existing prestige of researchers involved
this stage of a social movement occurs when resources are mobilized around the problems outlined in the first stage
type of social movement organization that enjoys full-time leadership staff dedicated to the movement
legal entity unto itself, one which has a legal personhood distinct from that of all its members, namely its owners & shareholders
trade that is certified by independent third parties; guarantees fair wages and labor conditions
stratification in information technology between countries
model of social movements that emphasizes political context & goals, but also argues that SMs are unlikely to emerge w/out the necessary resources
theory that emphasizes the influence of leaders in promoting particular norms
the shape of the unequal, global distribution of income
framework from which scientists operate; serves as 'worldview' for understanding
type of social movement that advocates for limited social change across an entire society
type of social movement organization that advocates for social change through protest and demonstration
type of social movement organization that relies on high levels of membership participation to promote social change
The poverty guideline of $22,050 is set for a family of _____.
designing and producing products in order for them to be used up (obsolete) within a specific time period
type of social movement organization that directly involves its rank-and-file membership as compared to a professional movement organization
From the book, NIMBY is an example of this type of social movement organization
action that takes place in groups and diverges from the social norms of the situation
science conducted within an existing paradigm, as defined by Thomas Kuhn
economic system based on private ownership of resources
occurs when there's only one seller of a good or service in the market, leading to zero competition
this stage of a social movement occurs when the movement is institutionalized and a formal structure develops to promote the cause
actions by a company against a workers' union
differential access to technological advances based on socioeconomic status
theory that says collective action happens when people with similar ideas and tendencies gather in the same place
Established after WWII, it provides loans to developing countries with the purpose of reducing poverty and building a strong economy
trade where there are no middle men and is relationship-based
form of payment characterized by trading
model of social movements based on a concept of structural weakness in society that results in psychological disruption of individuals
From the book, Critical Mass is an example of this type of social movement organization
occurs when only a handful of firms exist in a particular market
type of social movement that advocates the radical reorganization of society
real costs of production and distribution are not captured into the price consumers pay
refers to separation of human beings from the products they create, process of creation, from each other, & from themselves
form of payment based on products produced, not hours worked
business decision to move all or part of a company's operations overseas to minimize costs
economic activity that involves providing an intangible service
notion that science is unaffected by the personal beliefs or values of scientists but rather follows objective rules of evidence
type of social movement that seeks the most limited societal change and often targets a narrow group of people
From the book, NARAL is an example of this type of social movement organization
dangers created by the impact of our own knowledge and technology on the natural world

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