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Forced Order
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Who is the main character?
His best friend?
His vehicle?
Boyd's transport to school?
His first name?
His only friend?
What was her medical diagnosis?
Who turned her?
Who else was turned by him?
Who did he date in season 3?
How did she die?
Who eventually controlled the Oni?
Who is his girlfriend?
Who is her mother?
Who has an obsession with finding her?
What was her original job?
Why was she fired?
Who hired her before Derek?
What was her remark when Peter claimed that the table was Italian?
What is Peter's nickname?
What is Derek's nickname?
Who did Peter kill in season 1?
Who killed Peter?
What was his reason?
What do you not do to become a true alpha?
Who became a true alpha?
Who was he fighting when he turned into a true alpha?
What is she?
What does this word mean?
What is the opposite of this?
And what are you to mean this?
Who is the Druid?
Who is his sister?
What is her job?
What is the quote she tells Stiles when he had a session with her?
What is the motto that Alison changed to?
Who created the first code?
What creature did he control in season 2?
Who was the Kanima?

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