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The world for the good destined to break
You offered me your everything and I threw it all away
The voices in my head I think are not my own
You're only still alive because I made a promise
Every time you throw me down, I hope you kill me once again
You're just a monster, just like me
Once you leave me here there's no coming back
You should look more after yourself cause someone really cares about you
No puns to make because it's true, the joke will be on you
Unless you're human then I'm afraid you'll be captured
Well you didn't spare my brother so get dunked on
Each fallen cold heart tears a hole
You see, I know that you have a nice soul
And you'll never be alone
Violence or love, which do you decide?
And in the end they're gonna fall and fall to your hand
Erasing all what's left, this is why I'm here

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