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Can you name the stages in Vectorman?

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Stage NumberName
Day 1: Flags everywhere, hidden platforms, boss is a plane
Day 2: You're a train on a track, and Warhead is trying to take you out.
Day 3: Water, water everywhere! There's also a chance at a 10-up if you're quick enough.
Day 4: Water again, with a pelican and polar bear double boss.
Day 5: Frozen wasteland, plenty of two legged robots
Day 6: You're in a factory that has a lot of wood around it. The boss looks weird, and shoots at you after being shot itself.
Day 7: You're Frogger, and you have to shoot two fists, all while staying ahead and negotiating a maze.
Day 8: A short stage, with evil fire extinguishers and an ominous purple sky.
Stage NumberName
Day 9: There's plants everywhere, little things that form into other things is your boss.
Day 10: It looks like Stage 1, with a sunset at the end.
Day 11: You're at a disco, but an enemy in the middle is trying to stop your groove.
Day 12: The level looks like previous levels with flags and rafters, but it's at night now.
Day 13: A large set of ruins. The hint is in the hint, though...
Day 14: A large stage with a three boss marathon at the end.
Day 15: There's screens of Warhead everywhere! We're getting close to the end...
Day 16: The final battle with Warhead, and the fate of the world is on the line..on top of a tornado.

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