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DescriptionSpace WordLetter
The Band of Space Debris Found Between Mars and JupiterA
Red Supergiant Star Found in Orion's BeltB
Celestial Body Made of Mainly IceC
The Recently Retired NASA Space ShuttleD
A Planet Thats Orbits a Star Outside of Our Solar SystemE
A Reaction That Fuels StarsF
The Largest Moon in the Solar SystemG
The Most Common Element in the UniverseH
Part of the Atmosphere Where the Northern Lights OccurI
Location of the Big Red SpotJ
Series of Telescopes Found in HawaiiK
The Astronomical Unit For DistanceL
The Earths Natural SatelliteM
DescriptionSpace WordLetter
A Collection of Interstelarl Dust and GasesN
The Tallest Volcano in the Solar SystemO
Recently Demoted PlanetP
An Incredibly Bright and Radioactive Black HoleQ
One of Saturns MoonsR
The Process in Which a Star ExplodesS
Occurs When the Moon Completely Blocks out Light From the SunT
Formed by the Big BangU
The Furthest Man Made Object From EarthV
Possible Way of Travelling Anywhere InstantlyW
One Form of Electromagnetic Radiation Emitted By Black HolesX
The Time it Takes For the Earth to Complete one Orbit of the SunY
12 SignsZ

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