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Can you name the Things that have the word 'happy' in them?

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ClueHappy Thing
Xaviera Hollander, otherwise known as...
Adam Sandler Film
70s-80s sitcom about the 50s
Song from South Pacific
Unofficial theme song of Democratic Party
McDonalds food for kids
Nose-less icon of good cheer
Steve Martin has a pair of these
Album by Elivs Costello, also song sung by Judy Garland
Foam three dimensional puzzle
Dick Clark used to usher this in. Guy Lombardo, too
Website dedicated to video games
ClueHappy Thing
Wife of 20th century Vice President
Itching to shoot
Over tired
The start of a particular mathematical sequence that ends at one
Bobby McFerrin says not to worry. Instead...
Anti-depression medicine
Bloody video game where you head for the exit
It's a water park in Inida, a theme park in Vietnam, a Hollywood movie from the 1940s and the place we all want to be
Theme Song of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
Former Kentucky governor and member of Basketball Hall of Fame
Song by The Turtles

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