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QUIZ: Can you name the spies from history?

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Scope out the promised land for Moses
Spy on British in New York City
Dance by day and spy on Germans in WWI by night
Spying for the USSR and avoiding Nixon
Spying for the USSR and working for the FBI
Spying for the USSR and working for the CIA
Day job -- Time magazine employee, Real job -- North Vietnamese double agent
More famous for post-spy life as chef
Sizing up Confederate strenghth, then formed his own agency
A Lover and a Spy -- for the Venetians
This couple passed nuclear secrets to Russians
The Cleopatra of the Secession used her wiles on the Union Forces
Sold Arms to Iran and covertly funded the Contras
Funnelled info on Watergate to Post reporters
Mind control, poison expert and all that cool CIA stuff
A Russian spying for the British between WWI and WWII
Corporate spy photographer snatching automotive secrets
This Lady in Red helped nab Dillinger

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