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Can you name the rides that were at Canada's Wonderland when it opened in 1981?

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Ride TypeRide NamePark Location
Log rideThe Grande Exposition of 1890
OctopusThe Grande Exposition of 1890
Circular boat rideThe Grande Exposition of 1890
Circular swingsThe Grande Exposition of 1890
Merry-go-roundThe Grande Exposition of 1890
EnterpriseThe Grande Exposition of 1890
Round upThe Grande Exposition of 1890
Wooden coasterThe Grande Exposition of 1890
Powered mine rideInternational Festival
Powered bobsledInternational Festival
Circular in-and-out swingInternational Festival
Bumper carsInternational Festival
Kids' balloon rideHappyland of Hanna-Barbera
Electric antique car rideHappyland of Hanna-Barbera
Themed walk throughHappyland of Hanna-Barbera
Ride TypeRide NamePark Location
Kids' train rideHappyland of Hanna-Barbera
Kids' circular rideHappyland of Hanna-Barbera
Kids' wooden coasterHappyland of Hanna-Barbera
Kids' carrouselHappyland of Hanna-Barbera
Swan rideHappyland of Hanna-Barbera
Kids' airplane rideHappyland of Hanna-Barbera
Kids' boat rideHappyland of Hanna-Barbera
Kids' bumper carsHappyland of Hanna-Barbera
Kids' airplane rideHappyland of Hanna-Barbera
Kids' race carsHappyland of Hanna-Barbera
Wooden coasterMedieval Faire
Round upMedieval Faire
Swinging shipMedieval Faire
TeacupsMedieval Faire
Looping coasterMedieval Faire

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