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Can you name the words with many vowels?

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A woodwind instrument
Currency used in europe
A melody
Element 53; a halogen
A malarial fever
Northern/southern lights
A Hawaiian party
An ideal or perfect place
A religion; also used to mean black magic
Can't be seen through
A japanese form of self-defense
A line for waiting; also a FIFO data structure
To flow slowly
The ninth Greek letter
An assistant
A region
A thought or conception
A state that precedes vomiting
A position in soccer
A huge tree found in California
Took its place: in ____ of
An inexperienced recruit
20000 _____s under the sea
A red blood cell deficiency
A wide street
A succulent plant: ____ vera
A type of lizard
Said after inspiration
The B in FBI
A fencing sword

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