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Driver is Nicole Johnson
Adam Anderson drives this truckWon 2008 World Finals Freestyle Title
Driver lives in Maryland
Scared of spiders
Driver is Linsey WeenkUsed to drive Iron Outlaw & Blue Thunder
Cam McQueen drives this truckTravis Pastrana made this truck famous
Many little kids play with these
Name has wizard in it
An animal that eats prey
A Crusher
Emeny is The JokerHas won 2 racing World Final titles
David Smith drives this truck
Drives Backwards
Driver is Lionel Easler
Team Scream
Jim Koehler's brother drivers this truck.
Driver Lupe Soza, Frank Kreml, & John SeasockDebuted 2009
nick name TMNT
9 time championHas won nine world finals titles
Looks just like Brutus
Has the word gun in it
Normal identity is Kent Clark
Body paint looks like a war ship.
Truck is named after the driverWon 2 world final titles
2010 world finals 11 freestyle winner.
A bee does this
Driver Jermy Slifko
Driver is Mark McDonald
Former World Finals Freestyle Chapion Won last year's world finals freestyle
black and green wrecking machineNickname the icon
Runner up in racing for world finals 10Won the 2007 World Finals Freestyle
Marvel comic superhero
Looks like a dalmatian
Jim Koehler
Used to be An Escalade now what is it
Driver Larry Jaruzel
2 exterme racing team
Gary Wiggens started this truckMorgan Kane is the new driver
2 exterme racing team

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