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passwordbook appeared inwhere was it?
balderdashgryffindor common room
pine freshprefect's bathroom
tapewormgryffindor common room
pure bloodslytherin common room
lemon dropdumbledore's office
which came first, the phoenix or the flame?ravenclaw common room
open (in parseltongue)chamber of secrets
dumbledoredumbledore's office
pig snoutgryffindor common room
oddsbodikinsgryffindor common room
scurvy curgryffindor common room
where do vanished objects go?ravenclaw common room
sherbert lemondumbledore's office
fizzing whisbeedumbledore's office
passwordbook appeared inwhere was it?
mimbulus mimbletoniagryffindor common room
fairy lightsgryffindor common room
abstinencegryffindor common room
baublesgryffindor common room
caput draconisgryffindor common room
fortuna majorgryffindor common room
acid popsdumbledore's office
dissendiumone eyed witch's passage
banana frittersgryffindor common room
diligroutgryffindor common room
quid agisgryffindor common room
wattlebirdgryffindor common room
cockroach clustersdumbledore's office
mad eyepotterwatch
flibbertigibbetgryffindor common room

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