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MovieSuper- VillianActor
Star Wars: A New Hope, The Emp. Strikes Back, Ret. of the Jedi, Revenge of the SithJames Earl Jones
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, A New Hope, The Emp. Strikes Back, Ret. of the JediDaniel Logan & Jeremy Bulloch
Star Wars: A New HopePeter Cushing
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Rev. of the Sith, Return of the JediIan McDiarmid
Star Wars: The Phantom MenaceRay Park
Star Wars: Phantom Men., A New Hope, Return of the JediLarry Ward
Star Wars: Revenge of the SithMatthew Wood
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones & Revenge of the SithChristopher Lee
DareDevilMichael Clarke Duncan
DareDevilColin Farrell
SpidermanAlfred Molina
SpidermanJames Franco
SpidermanTopher Grace
SpidermanThomas Haden Church
SpidermanWillem Defoe
X- MenTyler Maine
X- MenRay Park
X- MenAaron Stanford
X- MenRebecca Romijn
MovieSuper- VillianActor
X- MenIan McKellen
The Lord of the Rings Christopher Lee
The Dark KnightAaron Eckhart
The Dark KnightHeath Ledger
BatmanJack Nicholson
Batman ReturnsMichelle Pfeiffer
Batman ReturnsDanny DeVito
Batman ForeverJim Carrey
Batman ForeverTommy Lee Jones
Batman & RobinArnold Schwarznegger
Batman & RobinUma Thurman
Batman & RobinJeep Swenson
Batman BeginsLiam Neeson
Batman BeginsCillian Murphy
The TerminatorArnold Schwarzenegger
Harry PotterRalph Fiennes
The Chronicles of NarniaTilda Swinton

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