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Can you name the Dyson Year 9 Holidays?

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I like
I love
i don't like
i hate
to swim at the swimming pool
to buy souvenirs
to go to the cinema
to visit a museum
to read a book
to play voleyball
to do horseriding
to relax
to take pictures
to watch tv
to tan/ to sunbathe
to do biking
to do a hike
to dance in a club
to eat in restaurants
to do rock-climbing
to do fishing
to do a nap
I went
we went
she went
to France
to Italy
to Canada
it was beautiful
it was hot
it was cold
there was sun
there were clouds
there was wind
there was fog
it rained
it snowed
last saturday
last weekend
it was
I have swum
I have played
I have tanned
we have watched
I have read a book
I have taken pictures
I have done surfing
they (fem) went to the cinema
with my friends
with my family
with my mum
with my dad
with nobody
in town
in the street
in the hills
the light
the shower
the heating
the tv
the telephone
the toilets
did not work
after/ then
there wasn't
any pillows
any towel
any soap
any toilet roll
but there was
some cockraoches
too much noise
this weekend
in the future
I'm going
we're going
he is going
they (m) are going
I'm going to swim outside
I'm going to buy souvenirs
we are going to take pictures
she is going to do surfing
it will be
there were heavy rains
there was a tornado
there was a tsunami
there was an earthquacke
there was a blizzard
there was a sandstorm
I must
I can
one can
I could
one must
I'm going
by car
by motorbike
by plane
by boat
by bus
by train
I think that
because (posh)
for a week
for a month

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