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Forced Order
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the cloths
the cloths
the make up
a boy
to put
a shop
haute couture
the look
to be lucky/to have luck
to pay attention to
a benefit
a brand
light blue
dark blue
curly hair
to be glad/happy
to annoy/to irritate
to seem/ to look like
to be angry/to get angry
to be ashamed of
to be proud of
a hat
a shirt
a dress
a belt
a scarf
to be free
most of the time
to be due to/because of
according to him
according to them
we used to love
they used to do
we used to see
to make headline news of a newspaper/ to be at the front page of a newspaper
to be aware of
to fail
to score a goal
forbidden substances
to authorise
to be arrested by
to answer
the last time
a record company
to be in love/ to be in love with
monkey business/ silly things
a police station
a flag
an auction
the man of her life/ the man of his life
far from
to kiss
over there/ there
to arouse/to provoke
a life of luxuty
a model to follow
the private life
i worry
to spend
a mean of expression
the consumer society
the mini-skirt/ the mini skirt
the immigrants
a night-club/ a night club
the peer-pressure/ peer pressure
above all
to want
i never did/ i have never done
the music is si loud
to make crazy
more and more
to challenge
whether it's about
the lack of respect
a cultural movement
i have been told that/we told me that
not to commit crimes
a homeless/a without shelter/a without home
a citizen of the world/a world citizen
it does not exist/it doesn't exist
to make mistakes
a no smoking area/a no-smoking area
to behave
to marry
not as happy/not as pink
the alternative culture
a star

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