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A type of gadgeteer that uses a sort of power armor.Ironman, Steel
A hero whose main power is a distance attack, usually a 'energy blast'.Cyclops, Starfire, Static
One who shows a degree of strength and endurance, which is usually shown by an abnormal, oversized muscular body.Hulk, Thing, Colossus
Ahero that can control a ertain part of the natural world.Storm, Human Torch, Iceman
A human with no real powers of his/her own, but uses gadgets that often imitates powers.Night Owl, Batman, Ironman
A hero who is able to heal himself or others.Wolverine, Lobo, Elixer
A hero who is trained in the use of magic.Doctor Strange
A gadgeteer who uses any type of projectile weapon, such as a gun, bow, or throwing weapons.Punisher, Green Arrow
One with no real powers of his/her own, but has a knowledge of hand-to-hand combat that it imitates powers.Iron Fist, Daredevil, Batman
One who pilots a type of robot to fight crime (most common amongst Japanese heroes).Megas XLR, Big Guy
A hero who possesses psycic powers such as telekenisis, mind control, or telepathy.Professor X, Jean Grey, Raven
A basic hero, who possesses the three main powers (super strength, flight, and invulnerability).Superman, Captain Marvel, Hancock
One who obtains his powers from either a demonic or angelic interferance.Ghost Rider, Spawn
One that rides any form of transportation that helps him with his main mission.Ghost rider, Shining Knight
Heroes that changes their appearance to fit his/her needs.Mystique, Mister Fantastic, BeastBoy
One who can change his/her body's size.Antman, The Atom
A hero whose main form of combat is from some sort of bladed weapon.Blade, Wolverine, Elektra
A hero that can travel at super fast speeds.Flash, Quick Silver
One who possesses a vast degree of intelligence.Professor X, Brainiac 5
A hero who is able to teleport from point A to point B to point C and so on.Nightcrawler, Mysterio

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