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Can you name the Orgaization XIII members from Kingdom Hearts?

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Forced Order
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NumberMemberPower(s) and Weapons
IEmits 'lightsaber' like beams from his hands to use as weapons
IICarries to gun like weapons that shoot blades, can bend time and space
IIIManipulates his six lances using the wind
IVCarries a sheild, has the power of ice
VCarries a tomahawk, can manipulate the earth
VIHas advanced magic abilities
VIIUses a claymore, can go berzerk to increase his stats and change his battle tactics
NumberMemberPower(s) and Weapons
VIIIUses two chakram, summons and manipulate fire
IXUses a sitar and summons water, which he can use to copy himself
XUses cards as weapons, an also turn his enemies into cards and dice
XICarries a scythe, Uses plants as weapons
XIICarries several daggers, which she manipulates using electricity
XIIICarries a keyblade
XIVcarries a keyblade

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