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Can you name the Famous Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters?

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Character that uses this monster in his/MonstersYu-Gi-Oh! series
Yugi Mutouoriginal
Seto Kaibaoriginal
Joey Wheleroriginal
Mai Valentineoriginal
Maximillion Pegasusoriginal
Yugi Mutou Battle city
Yugi Mutou (Egyptian God)Battle city
Seto Kaiba (Egyptian God)Battle city
Marik Ishtar (Egyptian God)Battle city
Yugi Mutou (Legendary Dragon)Waking The Dragons
Seto Kaiba (legendary Dragon)Waking The Dragons
Joey Wheler (legandary Dragon)Waking The Dragons
Character that uses this monster in his/MonstersYu-Gi-Oh! series
Jaden YukiGX!
Syrus TruesdaleGX!
Chazz PrincetonGX!
Zane TruesdaleGX!
Prof. CrowlerGX!
Aster PheonixGX!
Jesse AndersonGX!
Atticus Rhodes GX!
Yusei Fudo5Ds
Yusei Fudo5Ds
Jack Atlas5Ds
Akiza Izinski5Ds

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