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Can you name the Kingdom Hearts worlds?

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charactersworldthe game in which the world was introduc
Sora,Tidus,WakkaKingdom Hearts 1
Leon,Sid,Merlin(Kingdom Hearts1)Kingdom Hearts 1
Ansem,countless heartles,ChernabogKingdom Hearts 1
Leon,Sid,Merlin(Kingdom Hearts2)Kingdom Hearts 1
the setting of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of MemoriesKingdom Hearts:Chain Of Memories
Xemnas,Xigbar,LuxordKingdom Hearts 2
Hayner,Pence,Olette,Yen SidKingdom Hearts 2
Queen Minnie,Chip,DaleKingdom Hearts 2
Pete (Stean Boat Willie version)Kingdom Hearts 2
Alice,Queen of Hearts,Card SoldiersKingdom Hearts 1
Megera,Philocretes,HadesKingdom Hearts 1
Jane,Tarzan,ClaytonKingdom Hearts 1
The Genie,Abu,JasminKingdom Hearts 1
Pinochio,GepettoKingdom Hearts 1
charactersworldthe game in which the world was introduc
Pooh,Piglet,RabbitKingdom Hearts 1
Ariel,Flounder,TritonKingdom Hearts 1
Jack Skeleton,Dr.Finklestein,Oogie BoogieKingdom Hearts 1
Peter Pan,Tinkerbell,Captain HookKingdom Hearts 1
Tron,Sark,MCPKingdom Hearts 2
Belle,Lumiere,CogsworthKingdom Hearts 2
Mulan,Chang,MuuShuuKingdom Hearts 2
Pumba,Nala,ScarKingdom Hearts 2
Elizabeth Swan,Barbosa,Jack SparrowKingdom Hearts 2
Aurora,Maleficent,MerrywetherKingdom Hearts:Birth By Sleep (to be released)
Cinderella,Jaque,LuciferKingdom Hearts:Birth By Sleep (to be released)
Snow White,Sleepy,DocKingdom Hearts:Birth By Sleep (to be released)
Stitch,Jumba,GantuKingdom Hearts:Birth By Sleep (to be released)

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