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Can you name the movies based on '60s television shows?

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TV StarMovie TitleMovie Star
Joe E. Ross (1961)David Johansen (1994)
Peggy Lipton (1968)Claire Danes (1999)
Ray Walston (1963)Christopher Lloyd (1999)
June Lockhart (1965)Mimi Rogers (1998)
Leonard Nimoy (1966)Zachary Quinto (2009)
John Astin (1964)Raul Julia (1991)
Buddy Ebsen (1962)Jim Varney (1993)
Robert Conrad (1965)Will Smith (1999)
TV StarMovie TitleMovie Star
Diana Rigg (1965)Uma Thurman (1998)
David Janssen (1963)Harrison Ford (1993)
Don Adams (1965)Steve Carell (2008)
Bill Cosby (1965)Owen Wilson (2002)
Peter Graves (1966)Jon Voight (1996)
Elizabeth Montgomery (1964)Nicole Kidman (2005)
Ernest Borgnine (1964)Tom Arnold (1997)
Roger Moore (1962)Val Kilmer (1997)

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