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LyricsNext WordSong
Dress Salons! _____
And soon I'll match them in _____
To an absurd degree seem fixated on your ____
Now at last there's joy throughout the _____
Defaming our poor wizard with her _____
Blythe smile, lithe limb, she who's _____
Just her and me, the Wicked Witch of the _____
Her spell made this occur. So for once I'm glad I'm _____
Your assent al/lows me to feel so _____
Think of it as personality _____
Don't wish. Don't _____
LyricsNext WordSong
Nessa. Doctor Dillamond. _____
With this perfect finale, the cheers and _____
And altogether quite impossible to describe... _____
So have another drink of green _____
In our days at dear old _____
You know, black is this year's _____
Like a seed dropped by a _____
Is one a crusader or ruthless _____
To give pause to anyone with _____
It's just, for the first time, I feel _____

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