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Can you name the Marvel Villians Comics-Illiterate Clues

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Guy who gathers liquid like paper towels
End of everything
Room full of video games
Pile of ooze
Australian frisbee
Target center
The bottom of a pirate flag
Surgeon with tentacles
Famous vampire
Chartruese imp
You see him right before you die
Lion's hand
When a pregnant woman wants a specific food
Head of the pack
Little reptile
Laid back; not high strung
Little orange
That game where you guess at a 4-color sequence
Guy with black spots on his skin
Guy with a group of two or more atoms
Bad dream
Violet guy
Dude who likes to light fires
Guy who worked at Chernobyl
Scarlet cranium
African animal with one horn
Kind of tiger
Mister who brings you a dream
Evil wizard from 'Lord of the Rings'
Poisonous thing with pincers
Event in a story that surprises you
Like staircases or DNA
Smart about a Pizza Hut pizza with everything on it
Grave marker
Snake poison
Poisonous snake or fast car
Desert bird

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