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Name these chapters (not in order)
Harry sets a snake free.
The first years are sorted.
Dumbledore's partner is talked about.
Malfoy and Harry duel. ( At least Harry thinks they are gonna duel.)
Harry sees his desires in a mirror.
Harry plays a magical sport.
Name these chapters (not in order)
The villain is revealed.
Harry and Hagrid get school supplies.
The greasy haired proffesor is revealed.
Hagrid delivers a baby Harry Potter to the Dursleys.
Hagrid takes harry from the Dursleys.
Harry, Ron, and Hermione try to find the Philosophers stone.
Name these chapters (not in order)
Harry gets strange letters.
Harry meets a centaur, a unicorn, and a strange hooded man that kills the unicorn and makes harry's scar burn all in one detention.
A troll is let loose.
Harry boards the Hogwarts express and meets his best friends.
Hagrid hatches a dragon.

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