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Can you name the Leisure Suit Larry Women?

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The girl who ties you to her bed after the wedding.
The lady of the night in Lefty's bar.
The receptionist on the 8th floor at the Casino.
The girl in the hot tub.
The girl who Larry meets on Nontoonyt Island.
The girl on the beach.
Name rhymes with Mary Blart.
The woman at Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe.
The girl at Fat City.
The girl of Larry's dreams.
The woman at the Hard Disk Cafe.
The woman in Atlantic City.
The dentist in Miami.
The woman at the high cholonic treatment center.
The girl at the pool.
The woman in the weight room.
The lady in one of the mud baths.
The aerobics instructor.
The country singer.
The woman in the make-up classroom.
The woman with a thigh problem.
The girl in the penthouse.
Name references Drew Barrymore.
Name references Demi Moore.
Name references Victoria Principal.
Name references Jamie Lee Curtis.
Name references Naomi Judd.
Name references Wydonna Judd.
Name references Annette Bening.
Captain of the P.M.S. Bouncy.

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