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Can you name the pairs of words which have first and last letters in common?

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Definition of word #1AnswerDefinition of word #2
Primate characterized by a prehensile taleAfflicted with a disease causing bare patches in fur or hair
Apologetic wordNimble on one's feet
A variety of simple sugarBlood and guts
Ancient Egyptian MonarchChic or Stylish
Enamel-coated chewing aidsA container from which a swine might dine
Devoid of FeelingThe tip of a fountain pen
Displaying arrogance or self-righteousnessSacred, having to do with a divine power
Temporary adjournment of courtroom proceedingsLoud and unruly
Definition of word #1AnswerDefinition of word #2
Celebration of matrimonyHairpiece
The roof of the mouthHaving the coloration of a specter
Having to do with memory - often used with 'device'Frenzied or harried
Sport known in America as 'soccer'Wild, untamed
Run-off from industrial production of steelWhat one might do while batting
One who has completed schoolSquint inducer
ImperfectionTo create grooves or wrinkles - you might do it with your brow

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