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Can you name the Pokemon trivia number that is greater than the other?

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Which is greater?A or BValues
(A) Chance of finding a Pikachu in the Viridian Forest
(B) Chance of finding a Clefairy in Mt. Moon (1F)
(A) Boxes in Bill's Pokemon Storage System
(B) Max capacity of Pokemon held in each box
(A) Number of Pokemon that can learn Cut
(B) Number of Pokemon that can learn Strength
(A) Level Mewtwo learns Amnesia
(B) Level Mewtwo learns Psychic
(A) Base Attack Power of Hyper Beam
(B) Base Attack Power of Explosion
(A) Areas in the Safari Zone
(B) Floors in the Power Plant
(A) Health a Lemonade heals
(B) Health a Super Potion heals
(A) TM number of Fire Blast
(B) TM number of Thunder
(A) HM number of Surf
(B) HM number of Flash
(A) Floors in the Lavender Town Pokemon Tower
(B) Floors in the Silph Co
(A) Price of a Porygon at the Game Corner in Red Version
(B) Price of Porygon at the Game Corner in Blue Version
(A) Eyes on a Slowbro
(B) Eyes on a Magneton
(A) Number of Electric-type Pokemon
(B) Number of Fire-type Pokemon
(A) Number of Fossil Pokemon
(B) Number of Dragon-Type Pokemon
(A) Level a Goldeen evolves
(B) Level a Magikarp evolves
(A) Pokemon that evolve using a Fire Stone
(B) Pokemon that evolve using a Moon Stone
(A) National index number of Scyther
(B) National index number of Tangela
(A) Price of a Pokeball
(B) Price of a Potion
(A) Weight of a Onix
(B) Weight of a Gyarados
(A) Flying Destinations
(B) Pokemon Types

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