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Can you name the Pokemon region from which each of these locations is found?

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Ruins of Alph
Twist Mountain
Vermillion City
Eterna Forest
Solaceon Ruins
Driftveil City
Meteor Falls
Fushcia City
Snowpoint Temple
Chargestone Cave
Ice Path
Relic Castle
Lavender Town
Viridian Forest
Fuego Ironworks
Dewford Town
Skyarrow Bridge
Mt. Coronet
Dragon's Den
Sootopolis City
Blackthorn City
Diglett's Cave
Wayward Cave
Rock Tunnel
Mt. Pyre
Granite Cave
National Park
Dragonspiral Tower
Acuity Lakefront
Valley Windworks
Sprout Tower
Lake of Rage
Great Marsh
Silph Co.
Sky Pillar
Nimbasa City
Shoal Cave
Cianwood City
Petalburg Woods
Moor of Icirrus

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