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Can you name the following phrases or words that contain 'power' or 'powers'?

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Mike Myers plays this British spy in a trilogy of parody movies. Groovy!
These might include invisibility, flight, x-ray vision, maybe even laser beams
1989 hip hop song by Public Enemy
Used to describe the number of individuals who make up a workforce
Political slogan used in the 60's supported by people such as Malcolm X
The strength of an engine is measured in this
A well-equipped army is said to have a lot of this
When a penalty results in five on four in ice hockey.
We get this from converting the sun's rays into energy
A Nickelodeon show that featured four kids who loved to play hockey, surf and skate
You might read about the latest news about the Wii or DS in this magazine
These colorful, morphing heroes have been fighting evil since the 90's.
Generally the second tallest man on a basketball team, also known as the '4' or post position
Not quite a jog or a run but faster than your normal pace
A force greater than ourselves, Alcoholics Anonymous encourages finding one
This military alliance consisted of Japan, Germany and several other countries in WWII
Coca-Cola introduced this drink to compete with Pepsi's Gatorade
These three crime-fighting girls were made from Chemical X on Cartoon Network
A political slogan or rallying cry also a John Lennon song
This Soul/Funk band originating in the 70's is best known for their hit 'You're Still a Young Man'
Electric drills, chainsaws and wood routers. Why wouldn't mom let us play with them?
Presentation program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite

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