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Can you name the Pokemon by Their Ridiculous Pokedex Entries (Gen 1)?

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Very smart and very vengeful. Grabbing one of its many tails could result in a 1000-year curse.
Rarely seen in the wild. Huge and vicious, it is capable of destroying entire cities in a rage.
Its hooves are 10 times harder than diamonds. It can trample anything completely flat in little time.
Its steel-like hide adds to its powerful tackle. Its horns are so hard, they can pierce a diamond.
Its boulder-like body is extremely hard. It can easily withstand dynamite blasts without damage.
The large pincer has 10000 hp of crushing power. However, its huge size makes it unwieldy to use.
An enigmatic Pokémon that can effortlessly regenerate any appendage it loses in battle.
Lures prey with the sweet aroma of honey. Swallowed whole, the prey is melted in a day, bones and all.
Protected by an armor-like hide, it is capable of living in molten lava of 3,600 degrees.
The belt around its waist holds back its energy. Without it, this Pokémon would be unstoppable.
It accumulates negative ions in the atmosphere to blast out 10000-volt lightning bolts.
This Pokémon flies at Mach 2 speed, seeking prey. Its large talons are feared as wicked weapons.
By licking, it saps the victim's life. It causes shaking that won't stop until the victims demise.
Punches in cork-screw fashion. It can punch its way through a concrete wall in the same way as a drill.
Spits fire that is hot enough to melt boulders. Known to cause forest fires unintentionally.
Its brain can outperform a super-computer. Its intelligence quotient is said to be 5,000.

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