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Can you name the Pokemon by Their Ridiculous Pokedex Entries?

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Pokedex EntryPokemonGen
Gnaws on anything with its tough fangs. It can even topple concrete buildings by gnawing on them. (Heart Gold)I
This fleet-footed Pokémon is said to run over 6,200 miles in a single day and night. The fire that blazes wildly within its body is its source of power. (Emerald)I
Its tongue is made of gas. If licked, its victim starts shaking constantly until death eventually comes. (Soul Silver)I
If your nose becomes itchy while you are sleeping, it's a sure sign that *This Pokemon is standing above your pillow and trying to eat your dream through your nostrils. (Emerald)I
The larger pincer has 10,000- horsepower strength. However, it is so heavy, it is difficult to aim. (DPPt)I
If its rage peaks, it becomes so hot that anything that touches it will instantly go up in flames. (Leaf Green)II
It has a very soft body. If it starts to roll, it will bounce all over and be impossible to stop. (Heart Gold)II
In South America, it is said that its right eye sees the future and its left eye views the past. (Soul Silver)II
If you are burned by the flames it shoots from its mouth, the pain will never go away. (Leaf Green)II
It feeds on soil. After it has eaten a large mountain, it falls asleep so it can grow. (Heart Gold)II
Pokedex EntryPokemonGen
It lashes out with 10 kicks per second. Its strong fighting instinct compels it to keep up its offensive until the opponent gives up. (Emerald)III
To protect its Trainer, it will expend all its psychic power to create a small black hole. (Platinum)III
It loves challenging others to tests of strength. It has the power to stop a train with a slap. (HGSS)III
It bounces constantly, using its tail like a spring. The shock of bouncing keeps its heart beating. (DPPt)III
Its body is hollow. It is said that those who look into its body are sucked into the void. (DP)III
Some Pokémon are born on *This Pokémon's back and spend their entire life there. (Platinum)IV
Its wings deliver wicked blows that snap even the thickest of trees. It searches for prey in icy seas. (Pearl)IV
Its cries sound like incantations. Those hearing it are tormented by headaches and hallucinations (Diamond)IV
There is a long-held belief that medicine made from its scales will heal even incurable illnesses (Diamond)IV
If it succeeds in catching even a faint breeze properly, it can circle the globe without flapping once. (Platinum)IV

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