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AbilityPokemonIn-Game Text
AdaptabilityPowers up moves of the same type
Air LockEliminates the effects of weather
Anger PointRaise Attack upon taking a critical hit
Arena TrapPrevents foe from fleeing
Bad DreamsReduces a sleeping foe's HP
Cloud NineEliminates the effects of weather
Color ChangeChanges the Pokemon's type to the foe's move
DownloadAdjusts power according to the foe's ability
DrizzleThe Pokemon makes it rain if it is in battle
DroughtThe Pokemon makes it sunny if it is in battle
FilterPowers down super-effective moves
Flower GiftPowers up party Pokemon when it is sunny
ForecastPokemon transforms with the weather
FriskThe Pokemon can check the foe's held item
GluttonyEncourages the early use of a held Berry
HeatproofWeakens the power of Fire-type moves
Honey GatherThe Pokemon may gather Honey from somewhere
Huge PowerRaises the Pokemon's Attack stat
ImmunityPrevents the Pokemon from getting poisoned
Iron FistBoosts the power of punching moves
KlutzThe Pokemon can't use any held items
Magic GuardThe Pokemon only takes damage from attacks
Magma ArmorPrevents the Pokemon from becoming frozen
Marvel ScaleBoosts Defense if there is a status problem
MinusBoosts Sp. Atk if another Pokemon has Plus
Mold BreakerMoves can be used regardless of abilities
Motor DriveRaises Speed if hit by an Electric-Type move
MultitypeChanges type to match the held Plate
AbilityPokemonIn-Game Text
No GuardEnsures the Pokemon and its foe's attacks land
NormalizeAll the Pokemon's moves become the Normal type
PlusBoosts Sp. Atk if another Pokemon has Minus
Poison HealRestores HP if the Pokemon is poisoned
Pure PowerBoosts the power of physical attacks
Rain DishThe Pokemon gradually recovers HP in rain
RecklessPowers up moves that have recoil damage
Rough SkinInflicts damage to the foe on contact
Sand StreamThe Pokemon summons a sandstorm in battle
ScrappyEnables moves to hit Ghost-type foes
Shadow TagPrevents the foe from escaping
SimpleThe Pokemon is prone to wild stat changes
Skill LinkIncreases the frequency of multi-strike moves
Slow StartTemporarily halves Attack and Speed
Snow WarningThe Pokemon summons a hailstorm in battle
Solar PowerBoosts Sp. Atk, but lowers HP in sunshine
Solid RockPowers down super-effective moves
Speed BoostThe Pokemon's Speed stat is gradually boosted
StallThe Pokemon moves after even slower foes
Suction CupsNegates moves that force switching out
Super LuckHeightens the critical-hit ratio of moves
TruantThe Pokemon can't attack on consecutive turns
UnawareIgnores any change in ability by the foe
UnburdenRaises Speed if a held item is used
Volt AbsorbRestores HP if hit by an Electric-type move
White SmokePrevents the Pokemon's stats from being lowered
Wonder GuardOnly supereffective moves will hit

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