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QUIZ: Can you name the The Odd Pokemon Out?

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Which one ofthesePokemon...
is NOT a Third Generation PokemonSpoink, Banette, Slugma, Wynaut
does NOT evolve from EeveeFlareon, Espeon, Kecleon, Glaceon
is NOT a baby PokemonSnorunt, Tyrogue, Budew, Chingling
is NOT a single-typed PokemonRiolu, Trapinch, Corphish, Nincada
does NOT evolve at level 36Baltoy, Koffing, Joltik, Vigoroth
can NOT breed with a JynxCacnea, Lickilicky, Monferno, Gothita
is NOT always maleHitmontop, Gallade, Makuhita, Volbeat
can NOT learn FlyScyther, Dodrio, Drifblim, Vibrava
does NOT have multiple formsUnown, Wurmple, Cherrim, Basculin
is NOT a Bug/Poison typeVenomoth, Beedrill, Dustox, Mothim
does NOT learn Hyper Beam by Level UpAbsol, Trapinch, Claydol, Remoraid
does NOT have the ability LevitateTynamo, Baltoy, Duskull, Magnemite
does NOT weigh less than 10 lbs (5 kg)Meowth, Masquerain, Combee, Victini
is NOT taller than a MoltresRegisteel, Scolipede, Mantine, Torterra
is NOT genderlessSableye, Shedinja, Klang, Manaphy
is NOT classified as 'Gray'Nosepass, Burmy, Pupitar, Cottonee
is NOT #100 in a regional PokedexNidoking, Wailord, Alomomola, Chatot
does NOT have a cross-generational evolutionSwinub, Togepi, Shuppet, Horsea
does NOT evolve by Shiny StoneRoselia, Minccino, Kirlia, Togetic
does NOT have a base stat total higher than a MagikarpKakuna, Igglybuff, Kricketot, Sentret

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