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Can you name the Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 Characters by their Manikin Counterparts?

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Forced Order
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Manikin NameCharacter
False Stalwart
Ephemeral Vision
Ephemeral Summoner
Ephemeral Phantom
Imitation Liegeman
Imaginary Soldier
Horror of Antiquity
Fallacious Giant
Transient Gunner
False Hero
Imaginary Brawler
Delusory Knight
Fleeting Flash
Counterfeit Wraith
Delusory Dragoon
Manikin NameCharacter
Imaginary Champion
Fallacious Wanderer
Delusory Warlock
Idle Sky Pirate
Warrior of Antiquity
Counterfeit Youth
Imitation Despot
Transient Lion
Phantasmal Girl
Fallacious Tree
Capricious Reaper
Lady of Antiquity
Transient Witch
Capricious Thief
Phantasmal Harlequin

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