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Can you name the following phrases or words that contain 'cross'?

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You might look like this when staring at something right in front of you
You might do this when you need good luck or you're lying
When someone betrays or backstabs another
A hybrid animal, usually refering to dogs. What a cute labradoodle!
Designated pathway on streets for pedestrians
A lengthy race of running, skiing or cycling over open terrain
A rugged sport that includes the use of a small rubber ball and netted sticks
A couple whose relationship is doomed by outside forces. Oh Romeo!
America's premier emergency relief organization.
A sniper uses this to aim from long distances, also known as a reticle
Civilians don't want to be caught in this during a war
A mechanical weapon that shoots arrows, used in Medieval times
When someone wears clothes meant for the opposite gender
Widely used method of hand-sewing
The interrogation of a witness called by the opponent in court
A method to simplify an equation of two fractions
You will get many of these when cutting a geometric shape into slices
A classic nursery rhyme involving pastries and pennies
One of the most classic jokes/riddles of all time

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