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Can you name the following phrases or words that contain 'board'?

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Aim for the bulls eye!
Stop the boat! There's a man ____ ______!
These are usually covered with dozens of flyers and advertisements
Used to ride the waves
An Internet forum
The control panel for your car
The most expensive property in classic Monopoly
Slice meat and veggies on one of these
Giant advertisements on the road.
This novelty toy is supposedly used to communicate with spirits
When you were a kid, you might've played in a box made of this
Students and teachers write on these during school in front of the class
Jump gracefully into the pool off of this!
Be sure to keep an eye on this during the big game
A visual representation of a movie's plot before it is filmed
For some reason, this always seems to creak when you step on it
Parents may send their kids away to this for their education
These include Chess, Checkers, Scrabble, and thousands more
A type of swimwear most typically for men.
You're typing on one right now!

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